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If you knew nothing about The Hun when you visited the site for the first time you’d probably be surprised at how simple it is. You could even call it ugly and I don’t know if anyone would argue with your assertion. The background is a bland yellow, there’s a whole bunch of text and crap before you get to any of the links and then they’re listed on the left side of the page with a short description from each. It’s as plain as a site can be; The Hun probably hasn’t been redesigned since it launched more than a decade ago (I think that’s how long it’s been online). It doesn’t have to change though; it’s an excellent site. The Hun is an excellent site because it receives so many submissions from webmasters. There are thousands of new galleries put up for inclusion every day and he only takes about a hundred so the best of the best are the ones getting through. That means you know you’re getting some amazing stuff. Plus, the site is really clean. It’s not clogged up with annoying ads and he’s not siphoning his traffic to other sites. Every gallery goes to the intended destination. An entire year’s worth of links is kept online at all times so it should be more porn than any person could ever need.