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The internet has exploded with the desire to see amateur porn. There are Flip cameras that allow almost anyone to make video for an incredibly cheap price. There are high quality cameras that are actually pretty reasonable. There's a little of everything out there and now that porn has become so popular it seems like everyone is willing to get naked on camera and show us a good time. I Know That Girl is trying to capitalize on that trend by giving you high quality versions of those types of scenes. I'm not actually convinced this is an amateur site despite their desires to promote it as such. It looks really high quality and that's not a hallmark of amateur porn sites. It's also annoying that they call this the biggest user submitted amateur video site in the world when I'm certain that's not the case. There is a form to submit a video and pictures of girls though so they might be genuine stuff. You have to have ID verification though and signed consent forms. They're trying to make an amateur porn site in a professional way. Let's see how that worked out for them.